What Does Online Social Presence Mean?

A simple static website is now a thing of past. With general population now becoming more comfortable with findind answers online, it is imperitive to have a comprehensive, integrated, dynamic and scalable online presence encompassing Web 2.0 technologies, that are more commonly known as Social media and include platforms like Facebook, Google +, Windows Live, Twitter, LinkedIn and tons of similar destinations. Youe comprehensive online presence should consist of:

  • Dynamic web 2.0 website: Acts as your hub, that integrates all other aspects of your online presence.
  • Facebook Page: A 900 million member strong social network that brings together families and friends.
  • Google+ Page: One of the most rapidly growing online community that goes beyond friend and family and brings together people with similar interests.
  • Blog: A regularly updated blog post is critical to be ranked higher in online search engines and social media.
  • Twitter: Connect with your healthcare peers, follow the healthcare thought leaders, and share your content.
  • LinkedIn: A very popular and huge colection of professional connections that give new meaning to 5 degrees of separation and highly desirable location for networking with professionals.
  • Google AdWords: Targeted ads that help target patients who search for treatments in your specialty and geographical location.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO facilitates serach engines like Google and Bing to index your web presence effectively and easier to be searched when relevant queries are entered in the search box.

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