More people are online…

  • 80% of the US online population seeks health info on the web.
  • 66% start at a search engine like Google or Bing.
  • What do they find when searching for treatments in your area, or if they search your name?
    More information is available and is continuously updated online…

  • 65% of US online population are Facebook users.
  • 50% go online daily, more information is being posted online than ever.
  • The average user is connected to 80 community pages … and yours could be one of them.
    Your online presence will make a difference…

  • Patients want to be cured, and today’s empowered patients start the process online
  • Search engines like Google and Bing want to guide searchers to the right websites
  • Healthcare providers want to provide easy access to their information

Some major changes in user behaviour have occured during the last decade and a half. Technology has brought almost instatneous access to knowledge in any field. Same is true for the heatlhcare industry, majority of patients do some research on their ailments and come equiped with knowledge that you would’nt have expected 5 years ago.Now it is a different matter whether they have accurate knowledge or whether they understand what they saw. There are countless resources available online and not all of them are reliable or meant for general understanding.

Healthcare professional have accepted the fact that patients do have access to knowledge but are frustrated at the quality of information which instead of empowering the patients is misleading them. With the available tools and technology you can play your part in guiding them, while at the same time use it for your own advantage both professionaly and financially.

Gurku Technology team, with their years of experience in healtcare, can help you fill the gap. We simplify the process of understanding the social online presence and through guidance, support and technical know-how. We specialize in Healthcare Online field and our focus is to help healthcare entities to effectively engage the audience and provide them continuously updated content utilizing Online Social media.

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